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Childrens Choir Festival 2023

Cleveland NPM

is happy to offer education in musical liturgy for our children.

Below you will find a Welcome Letter listing all the documents referenced.  In addition all the relevant documents are posted below the letter for you to view and/or download.  We eagerly look forward to your participation.  


Our Children’s Choir Festival is BACK!

Dear NPM Cleveland Members and Friends:

We have been eagerly awaiting the chance to gather our children’s choirs once again for the Diocesan  Children’s Choir Festival. March 11, 2023 will be the big day--please join us!

For this festival, we have decided to share the directing among the members of the planning committee. This will allow our singers to work with several experienced directors from our local chapter. Singers should be in grades 3 and up with unchanged voices (trebles) and will be expected to learn the music in advance within their parish choir rehearsals.

All the forms and directions you will need are on our webpage - below.  When you click on a link, it will open in a new tab on most devices.  To return to this page, go back to this tab. 


You may wish to take a look at the  Liturgy Plan (Updated Feb 6) to order the few octavos required. Many directors are planning to incorporate some of the music into other liturgies throughout the year, which simplifies the teaching of the music. 


For directors, below the registration instructions and the registration page for your choir. The deadline to have the forms in is January 30, 2023. There is also a director information page which covers expectations for the day.

To share with parents, there is a parent information page and a singer registration/emergency medical form. You will need to print one of these for each participating singer.  

We would like to have a rough idea of which parishes are planning to participate.  If you are seriously interested (even if not completely sure), please send an e-mail to Angi Bak at soon.  Angi will make sure to place you on a distribution list, so you stay updated on information and deadlines.  She can also answer any questions you may have about the festival.  

We sincerely hope you will join us for the 2023 Diocesan Children’s Choir Festival!  


Angi Bak     Herb Dillahunt     Bridget Jankowski     Meg Matuska

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